Why do you do these things?

Summer is drawing to a close and everyone is getting ready for a busy autumn season, so we wanted to share some inspiration to bring the energy level back up. When we started fleshing out Symbra’s purpose, Brian wrote this piece – a poetic expression of what Symbra says to entrepreneurs.

It’s not quite a manifesto, but it’s something that stirs inspiration and answers the questions we sometimes get asked as entrepreneurs: Why do you do it? Hopefully you can use it to energize and really work a building your dreams. We liked is so much, we put it on the wall!

Some will ask why you do these things.

For an answer, ask those
that look at hard and see work;
that hear “can’t” and see “can”.

Ask the pathfinders who, 
walking into the unknown,
hew their dreams out of the darkness,
hold them in their hands and make them known.

Not for money or fame,
though those are worthwhile things.

But for the experience of making things better;
the thrill of pushing the needle;
and the satisfaction of legacy.

They will tell you with purpose.
They will tell you with passion.
They will tell you why.

~Brian Olstad, Symbra

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