The Value of Taking Time

If you live on the prairies time seems to slow down in December. As hard as we may try as entrepreneurs, no matter what technological advancements we rely on, there’s not much we can do about it. December just has a way of changing our circumstances and our perspective. The highway is impassible, the sun comes out for only a few minutes, and we are fill ourselves with enough sugar to require insulin injections. And time slows down, whether we want it to or not.

As entrepreneurs, 16 hour days have been a norm for the past 11 months – and we’re still behind. Christmas is the most stressful time of the year, because it’s expensive on the family side and no clients get back to us. It’s even more true with American clients who disappear from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. So while the bills pile up, the sales trail off. And so we push all the harder to move the needle and keep our heads about water through until the middle of January, making 16 hour days seem in comparison like part-time, until some distant non-existence point in the future when we can finally take a break and catch our breath.

There is incredible value in taking time. During the holidays, but as well as throughout the year. The stress we feel makes taking time nearly impossible, but to push back on the stress: acknowledge that you’ve been here before and it usually works out, and take your foot off the gas for a moment. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I have seen what can happen when you let a project sit, instead of press ahead. I’ve seen the value of taking the time to build relationships and have conversations for no other reason that to get to know someone, instead of billing hours. Perhaps it’s a Christmas Miracle. What could happen for you, your family and your business this holiday season if you took time to rest?          

What could happen for you, your family and your business this holiday season if you took time to rest?

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