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To help you get to know our people better, we sat down with Dwayne Holland, our business director for a chat. Dwayne talks about why it is essential for entrepreneurs to understand what is at their foundational core.

As Dwayne says, “When your life purpose and your business purpose are matched, sparks will fly.” To find your true passion, start with a healthy dose of navel gazing! Unplug and take time to explore the following questions:

  • Am I passionate about making a difference in the world or my community? In what way?
  • Is there a gap in the marketplace that I can fulfill?
  • What solutions can I uniquely bring to the table?
  • What am I proficient at?

Once you’ve identified your core passion, it’s important to develop goals that are aligned with your dreams both today and down the road. “Your business will evolve, but it has to stay true to the essence of who you are and why you care,” says Dwayne.

“Your business will evolve, but it has to stay true to the essence of who you are and why you care.”
~ Dwayne

Symbra helps businesses go through this process of discovery and develops brand strategy to set them up for success. As we work with businesses on the foundational pieces of their brand, we’ll ask questions such as:

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you serving clients?
  • Do customers understand your service or product offering?
  • Are you connecting with customers at a deeper level?

We guide clients through the process of launching their vision and brand strategy internally to ensure people at every level are excited and on the same page. Then, we help launch the brand externally to help companies reach customers more effectively. “When you strike that chord with the customers, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of competitors,” adds Dwayne.

We’d love to have a conversation about what Symbra can do for you. Call us at 587.797.7979 or email us at info@symbra.com.

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