Are You Engaging Customers with a Consistent Visual Identity?


As we sat down with our visual director, Brian Olstad, we discovered the impact that design and visual assets have on the identity of your business.

Your company’s identity becomes a collective of many elements, such as your logo, your social platforms, and even your company vehicles. Brian talks about how important it is to take the time to establish what best represents your company.

“For example, when I know my company doesn’t like pink and we look better in red, it makes choices easier – I know to use red. If I have established rules, I don’t have to listen to a sales pitch because I know what fits our company and I know where we’re going,” explains Brian.

As a business owner, you can gain clarity and efficiencies when you develop a fundamental toolkit. A toolkit that identifies your company’s character/voice and communicates your brand platform.

Within your toolkit, you can include boilerplates and visual assets, such as your logo, videos and photos. Then you or your staff can quickly draw from for spontaneous social media posts or planned marketing initiatives, like a trade show.

When your company’s image is consistent, you will make consistent impressions that are recognizable and help emphasize the core position of your brand. When the pieces are all in place, it becomes easy to build a community around your brand through strong social and digital strategies.

“You don’t want to just dash off this process. You want to make sure you know who you are and who you want to be before you jump into it.”
~ Brian

Before you develop the visual identity of your company, you’ll want to spend time up front thinking about your passion and your company’s core brand story. “You don’t want to just dash off this process,” explains Brian, “You want to make sure you know who you are and who you want to be before you jump into it.”

Brian talks about how things look different in today than they did in the past. While your company still needs to hang a shingle to advertise your services, what that ‘shingle’ looks like has evolved as social media continues to take on a bigger role for companies.

”You need to have your basic brand platform, and then do a bit of research to tell you where the best channels are for you,” says Brian.

Research and help from experts can help you reach the optimal balance of web, social platforms and traditional media. Experts can also evaluate how far your reach is and how deep your level of engagement is with customers to ensure that your efforts are getting results.  In another recent story, our Strategy Director, Chad Verity explains a little about brand story

At Symbra, we can help you discover your company’s character, core and develop its creative platform. Let’s have a conversation about what Symbra can do for you. Call us at 587.797.7979 or email us at info@symbra.com.

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