“Your Clients Do Not Matter”


Have you ever heard anyone actually say that your clients do not matter? Why do so many entrepreneurs get caught in a cycle of taking their clients for granted.  Whether you serve 25 clients or 25,000 clients, community plays a significant role in the success of your business.

Many of the most successful organizations in the world will spend millions of dollars to give people a place to belong and create opportunity for meaningful connection. Meanwhile, so many entrepreneurs focus their time on building a client list rather than a community,

My mother always says, the best way to make someone feel cared for, is to actually care for them.  In order to build community with our clients we need to make meaningful connections. We need to care about the people we serve.

Since we are constantly bombarded with noise, from advertisers to opinionated friends, we have become more protective of to whom we give our attention.  We turn off notifications, we unfollow friends who post articles or opinions that we deem ignorant, and we block ads in our feeds that annoy us.

This means that as entrepreneurs using social media, we need to reassess how we engage on each platform. While some will argue that social platforms are simply losing effectiveness, I strongly disagree. If you are simply trying to make money you will not have the impact you are looking for, but if you are trying to build community, it is an incredibly powerful and effective tool.

Think about your group of friends and family.  How do you interact with them? Who are the people who successfully keep your attention?  What differentiates the articles you read from the articles you scroll past? Who in your life do you take time to listen to and read about and who are those you forget about or those with whom you lose touch?  Why does this happen? Are there people for whom you will drop everything to go for coffee and others you meet with only if you have nothing else on the go?

As entrepreneurs, we must build meaningful connections with our community. We need to shift our mindset away from the revenue our clients generate and consider our clients as neighbours, friends and family. This does not mean we must invite every client over for dinner and take family trips together, but it does require that we deliberately and intentionally engage with them in meaningful ways.

We need to shift our mindset away from the revenue our clients generate and consider our clients as neighbours, friends and family.

How can you and your business having meaningful interactions with your community? What common ground do you share with your community?  Do you share the same dreams? Do you enjoy the same activity or lifestyle?

In closing, consider the following:

Be Intentional

Whether you are posting on a social platform or talking face to face, be intentional in how you engage with the person on the other side of every encounter.

Provide Value

Think through how you value others, not simply how others are of value to you.

Be a Community

Build community with your clients, do not treat them like a paycheck.  What can you learn from your personal community that applies to your business community?

Everybody knows that your clients do matter, so make sure they know and experience that reality.

Jonathan Strome

Jonathan Strome

Jonathan is a director at Symbra with experience in small business management and entrepreneurship.

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